Scott Taylor:

CEO & Managing Partner

Scott Taylor

Place of Birth: New Brunswick, NJ, USA

• Marketing – UCLA (Los Angeles, CA)
• Full Sail University – Recording Arts Comprehensive Program (Winter Park, FL)
• Vistage Chair (Coaching Certificate) Award winning Vistage Chair (San Diego, CA)
• AT&T Information Systems – Professional Selling I & II (Morristown, N.J. & Aurora, CO.)

Career History:
Scott is the driving force behind The Business Side of Music’s emergence as one of the fastest growing providers of real-world business coaching, live workshops, home study programs, and online education services for the full scope of business needs within the arts. In his previous position as CEO and Strategy Officer at TaylorMade Marketing, Scott provided overall marketing strategy and oversaw execution of all aspects of the company’s operating entities. He led long-term technology planning and partnership efforts and all digital services initiatives. In addition, Scott launched and headed FastPath Coaching an international coaching and training company and authored each product and program in their New Products Group. Prior to that, Scott was recruited by Vistage, the world’s largest Chief Executive organization, to build and lead CEO mastermind groups for the small business category within the Los Angeles market. 

About me:
“One of my earliest memories as a kid was making up my own songs as I walked home from elementary school. I heard every sound, texture, and effect in my head as I created rhymes and rhythms that were modeled after my favorite songs on the radio. I would invent imagined concerts with famous bands playing before I went on to share my new songs and other material with the world. I lived some of my best times in my imagination like many kids, and through that creativity working in the music business  would become the cornerstone of my professional career.

"My later decision to study at Full Sail University, after several years as an account executive with AT&T, opened many doors in Nashville, LA, and New York, and I found some very creative ways to “mess things up” along the way, and still got to work on major projects with major artists at MCA Universal, Capitol EMI, and the many labels at SONY MUSIC.


Billy Woody:

President & Co-founder

billy woody

Place of Birth: Tampa, FL., USA

• Business and Marketing – UCLA (Los Angeles, CA)
• Project Management – UCLA (Los Angeles, CA)
• Silicon Studios (Santa Monica, CA)
• Theatre, Radio & Television Production – University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL)

Career History:
Billy has spent the past 15 years in the entertainment industry concentrating most of his career working within the post-production side of film and television production. He has been an instrumental part in the growth of several start-up companies in the post-production industry. During his time working as a freelance artist, he has worked for several large and small studios including, Walt Disney’s Buena Vista Imaging, Warner Bros., and Rhythm & Hues. He has consulted and supported, in some fashion, with almost all post facilities in Los Angeles and around the country. Billy spent four years with Apple Computer as the lead support engineer for Apple’s pro applications, Shake. Recently, he was the VP of Sales and Marketing for the western US for Imagineer Systems, a visual effects software company based out of Guildford, London. Currently, Billy works freelance as an SEO Consultant, as well as an entrepreneur, owning several businesses including a restaurant in Tampa, FL.

About me:
“My early passion was the theatre. If found myself, as early as the sixth grade, working either on stage acting or behind the stage in some technical manner. My second passion was computers. I was using computers in high school back in the ‘80s long before there was anything like the Internet, Facebook, or Google. Little did I know at the time that my passions for both entertaining and computers would eventually mesh into a career in post-production and visual effects.”

“I have always considered myself an ‘idea guy’. I can see the big picture and I can help others guide their way towards the prize. I love to help people reach their goals and dreams. Having many friends in the entertainment industry that I have seen struggle through the years, I was compelled to come up with a way to help these people. Thus, ‘The Business Side Of…’ was born”
“On a more personal note, I am married and a father of two wonderful young girls. And they remind me everyday why I do what I do.”