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The world of media and communication have changed dramitacly in just the last five years. Are you prepared?

The Concept //

The original concept to create and launch “The Business Side of Music” was started with a more general conversation with Billy and Scott involving many of the arts, as well as several of the support services for the entertainment industry. “We were discussing our respective careers, and those of our friends and clients. The changes we’ve seen, and the sad truth that way too many of our friends in the industry who are truly great artists are often faced with the reality of just scraping by financially.”

It is our opinion that far too many talented artisans and support technicians simply never learned enough about business, marketing, or how to really make the right choices for some simple self promotion that could allow them to find more opportunities, negotiate far better deals for themselves so they could do much more of what they want without feeling as though they are a victim.

The very roots of this organization are born out of a desire to help the artist’s understand that the manager, or executive who calls to hire them for their artistry, music, effects, special designs or technical executions are certainly thinking of this as a business. The proper marketing mindset for the artist would also benefit all, and up level their value to the projects and the organizations when they begin to “think like a marketer” who is marketing their craft!

After running this idea by some of our friends in question from our original talk, and then creating an online survey, we quickly discovered that there is an obvious desire to have this conversation, and ultimately this kind of training.

We have been most recently confirming that too many of the trade schools and music programs are for the most part “simply out of touch with current marketing strategies, tactics and creative campaigns” to even help their graduates to seriously compete at a high level. We found this need to very real, and we intend to fill it in a world class way with The offerings from The Business Side of Music!

Our objective is to continue with our active curiosity, and to uncover the marketing best practices and to design the most current, compelling, and effective training workshops, seminars, and keynote talks for as many of the artists, managers, agents, support technicians and of course the schools and music programs as possible. We also have coaching programs for individuals who qualify and are a great fit with our current coaches, and we are always improving, always making changes and learning more every day. We also have a series of Home Study Programs and online opportunities under development for  release beginning in June 2010.

As always, we welcome your questions, comments and insights. Call or write if we can help you in any way with The Business Side of Music!

Scott Taylor & Billy Woody

Co-Founders, The Business Side of Music

History //

Strong leadership and a clear vision for the future is the foundation for our success at The Business Side of Music.
Our team has collectively and individually helped coach, consult, and develop the careers of writers, artists, key managers and talent within the entertainment and digital media industry and, by doing so, has elevated our practice to its position as a top provider of services for determined professionals throughout the world in the creative content creation space.